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xposixveganx's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in xposixveganx's LiveJournal:

Sunday, August 14th, 2005
2:54 am
last night i had a dream about biking. I dont remember all too much about it though. It was nighttime, and i ran outside and jumped on my bike and just started riding. I crossed the street and went into the subdivision across from my house and saw some cars coming up from behind me and then i realized that i hadn't turned on my light, so i reached behind me and turned the light on as i continued to ride. I noticed that it was blinking and i thought about switching it, but then i figured it was probably better use of my energy and time to get out of the way of the cars that suddenly realized that something was in front of them.
Thats all i remember.

p.s. i definitely ran into a cobweb riding tonight... and saw about 4 drunks driving around. going for any amount of time without the possibility of my bike makes me nervous. i cant wait for bellingham.
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
10:23 pm
i have this grin plastered on my face and i don't think that anything could rip it off at this point.
Most of you know that i found out that the good clean fun show was cancelled. But i prayed to brenan, and alas, i got on the list. So now i just have to find a way to get to philly. So, theres one win for me, and part of the reason for the smile.
the rest of the reason for the smile comes from having amazing, positive people in my life who somehow always know the perfect thing to say to brighten up my day. you are truly exceptional. and someday i'll get a thesaurus and learn new ways to say 'awesome' and 'amazing' and we'll all be better off for that.
i love it when people do quirky things that only i would do.
oh, and my bike pump, mini u-lock and handy tool 'kit' came. best birthday presents ever. (aside from what brenna gave me)
life is good when you let it be.

oh, also, looking for a new place in bellingham. I still have the old one if i want it, but its looking like the commute is not very bike friendly. and since biking is key, i need to find a new place. time to pray to brenan again.
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
11:26 pm
good clean fun is playing in philadelphia on august 16th.
i will be there.
it'd be cool to bike out... so... who wants to bike out to philly with me and protect me from evildoers along the way?
in other news... i just found out that i'm going to be getting twice as much money for school from my grandparents as i had previously thought... this means only one thing to me... i can afford to get a fixed gear immediately when i get up to bellingham.
life is good.
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